Boxes Boxes Blue Dome Top Copper Box 114151264 Ammonite Copper Box Close up 113616704 Blue Green Copper Box withAgate 113616707 Green Copper Box 114151266 Collaboration Box Bottom is made of steel by David Browne, a contemporary metal artist. I made the top just for fun out of steel and bronze. 114151267 Collaboration Box Box open 114151268 Foldformed top copper box 114151269 Dome Topped Copper Box 113616713 Robot Box From watching too much Robots with my granddaughter. 117272506 Cup Cake Style Copper Box 113616715 Stibnite Copper Box 113616719 Stitched Together Copper Box With glass bead 113616720 Stitched Together Copper Box Close up of copper stitches 113616722 Red Eye Copper Box 113816929 Red Eye Copper Box Open 113816928 Blue Pinch Line Box 187906615